Ugandian forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 phone in Uganda?
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13 Aug 2014 13:08

There are many places where you can get Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone. If you’re still not sure, whether Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile device is your dream smartphone or not, then check out my post on Samsung Galaxy S3: Specs and Price in Uganda, I hope it will help you to decide.

Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone design
Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone design

So, buying a smartphone can be tricky and confusing. There are several ways to do that:

Buy Samsung galaxy S 3 from mobile operator

Getting a smartphone on a contract avoids the large one off payment of buying one SIM-free. You'll also get all the minutes, calls and mobile data you will be using on the device. This keeps things nice a nice simple package.

The downside is that you're locked into a lengthy contract – most operators will try and get you into a two-year deal. Once you're in the contract it can be difficult to get a new phone or change your tariff. Across the length of the contract you can end up easily paying more than the phone with a SIM-only deal will cost.

Buy your Samsung Galaxy S3 for direct Samsung supplyer

For starters, there's much less faffing around. You can simply find the phone you want and, well, buy it. Going to the vendor is arguably the trust worthiest way of buying a product. You'll be able to compare the devices, get access to support and other things like a 14 day returns policy, although what's on offer might vary from vendor to vendor.

Unfortunately, prices there are typically higher than at the alternative sources. Samsung Galaxy S3 might cost you even 2 times more here.

Best place to buy your Samsung galaxy S3 – online marketplace

The best way to buy a used phone is to find it at online marketplace, because there usually are only trusted sellers. I personally bought my feature phone on MoboFree

So, why is it good to buy your mobile device here?

• You can buy a mobile phone or any other device directly from your home or office, and there is no need to visit all the shops in the town.
• Most of the sellers in Uganda also have their items uploaded on this site.
• There is a really small chance of fraud, because sellers on this site have their feedbacks and personal details.
• There are a huge variety of phones on this market, so you can compare them, which one looks better or which one is cheaper.
• Used phones are always cheaper than the new ones, although they are still working properly.
• You can sell your old phone at the same place, therefore your wallet won’t be empty after buying a new phone.
• You can check and compare different Samsung Galaxy S3 prices.

I hope it was helpful to you, please leave a comment what do you think, where is the best place to buy Samsung Galaxy S3?

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