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13 Aug 2014 13:05

If you’re still not sure, Samsung Galaxy ACE mobile device is your dream feature phone or not, then check out my post on Review of Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone, I hope it will help you to choose! And now, let’s discuss, what is the best way to buy this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Ace bought from online marketplace
Samsung Galaxy Ace bought from online marketplace


Pros:Massive amount of choice, some excellent deals, try before you buy.

Cons: Not necessarily the best prices, biased sales staff in store.

Mobile operators:

Pros: Free or cheap phone, try before you buy, staggered payments.

Cons: Length contract, choice of phone can be limited, total cost across contract can be high.

Directly from Samsung shop:

Pros: Trustworthy, straightforward shopping, support and returns.

Cons: Prices are typically higher than alternative sources.

Online retailers:

Pros: Cheaper prices, browse devices, huge amount of choice.

Cons: Not always trustworthy, beware of ploys.

MoboFree online marketplace:

Pros: Here you can find CHEAP Samsung Galaxy Ace phones; You will also be able to sell your old phone at the same website; You will never be deceived, because the sellers on this site have their feedback and personal information; There are many other phones, so you can compare them and choose which is better for you; You can find a phone directly from your home or job and there is no need to visit all the stores to see what they are selling; There are many sellers from Ugandan electronics shops, who have their mobile devices uploaded on this site.
Cons: Sometimes you will need to wait until you get you phone, because it is not real shop, where you just take it and walk away; Although this is very trusted website, you should always get deep into details which are provided by the seller.

You can check and compare Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone prices at online marketplace by yourself.

Leave a comment, where would you buy Samsung Ace mobile device??

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