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12 Aug 2014 13:03

This time I’ve decided to write about what other people of Uganda think about mobile phones and I choose Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone to ask them about! So let’s see what they thought:

• Matia: I think this Galaxy S 2 mobile phone is too expensive. I would rather buy a cheaper one.
• Gabriel: This Samsung smartphone seems incredibly fast to me, it works much better than any cell phone.
• Salim: This phone is quite big, but very light. I thought it would weight more.
• Godfrey: I like this Samsung Galaxy S2, it plays music very good and it also has an excellent video playback.
• Busingye: I don’t think that this Galaxy phone has a good call quality. It could be better.
• Kakira: This mobile phone is very large, I think too large for me. I can’t put it to my pocket.
• Bart: I like how this mobile gadget works. It’s very fast and browsing Internet is very pleasant.
• Kizza: I don’t like the plastic of this phone. It looks cheap, when phone is expensive itself.
• Muteesa: This phone looks very nice; I would love to have it. I like all Samsung products. It looks very promising for me.
• Charles: The screen is very big and bright, colours are nice and vivid.
• Betty: I think that Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is better than this one.

Interviews on Samsung Galaxy S2 phone
Interviews on Samsung Galaxy S2 phone

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