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12 Aug 2014 12:52

Samsung company is growing very fast and every single day they prove that it is the wold class tech leader, which is also very popular in Kampala and other Ugandan cities . They release tens of new phones every year, and in this article I’m going to make a review of some of them. This time it will be Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Fame mobile phone and Samsung Galaxy Music phone. You can find the prices of these phones and compare with others on the internet. So let’s begin!

Samsung Galaxy Grand

My opinion on Samsung Galaxy Grand depends on the price. The phone will debut at, and we don't have that yet. It fall somewhere between the middle and low ranges of the market and Samsung has a hit on its hands. It's not higher than other phones on the market with similar specs.

Samsung Galaxy Grand mobile phone design
Samsung Galaxy Grand mobile phone design

Holding it to your head doesn't make you feel like you're holding a comedy phone, though that could be because we're all used to larger handsets now - it certainly feels better than the Galaxy Note 2.

I personally think that Samsung Galaxy Grand is the good one at a relevant, some users could certainly be attracted.

Samsung Galaxy Fame

The Samsung Galaxy Fame won’t be a successful phone that will live forever. It is clear from the very outset that Samsung has used the ingredients to create a lower-end smartphone, such as the smaller internal chipset, the smaller screen and the low internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy Fame smartphone design

Samsung Galaxy Fame smartphone design

In doing so the Samsung Galaxy Fame, among other Samsung Galaxy line smartphones seems a too simple. The feel of the Samsung Galaxy Fame, with the TouchWiz interface and external design, is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and makes you want to see it as a more expensive handset. So I would rather choose any other Samsung Galaxy line’s mobile phone

Samsung Galaxy Young

The Samsung Galaxy Young was never going to be the best handset ever brought to market, but it manages to bring a lot of features that make Samsung handsets so successful whilst coming in at a relatively low price.

Samsung Galaxy Young phone design
Samsung Galaxy Young  phone design

This means that it is ideal as a first time smartphone or second phone that will cover you in emergencies, or even as backup so you don't have to take your flagship handset away with you whilst travelling the world.

This phone would be perfect to begin learning using a smartphone or as a cheap handset to offer kids to take to school or university.

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Also, leave a comment about what do you think of these phones! I would love to know that! ☺

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