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8 Aug 2014 16:40

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Style is an affordable Android phone in Uganda running on KitKat, the newest version of Google’s operating system, and it also features the latest iteration of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. This cell phone can be easily found in Kampala and other cities in Uganda at official stores, retailers or being sold by individual people at various marketplaces (check

Samsung Galaxy Ace Performance

Despite having ‘only’ an 800MHz CPU, the Samsung Ace mobile phone is surprisingly nippy. Most high-end smartphones have single- or dual-core 1GHz (1,000MHz) processors, and this mobile phone does feel quite a bit slower than these handsets in general use, but crucially it’s not encumbered with a 600MHz CPU as many budget handsets are.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style

Being a 4-inch phone, the Galaxy Ace Style is very compact, fits comfortably in a hand and in pockets, plus it is great for single-handed usage. Back is decorated with a vertical line of stripes running from top to bottom. The quality is pretty fine - the device feels solidly put together, with no screaking parts.

Samsung Ace back design
Samsung Ace back design

Samsung Galaxy Ace Screen

The 3.5in size isn’t quite on the level of the 4in models sported by many of the most powerful smartphones but it’s perfectly adequate, indeed it’s the same size as the iPhone 4. However, it certainly isn’t the same when it comes to sharpness. With a resolution of just 320 x 480 pixels, it has a pixel density of just 164 pixels per inch.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Interface

Its interface has silky smooth animations and well-rendered icons. The usual Phone, Messaging and Applications icons are located at the base of the screen, and underneath those are three physical buttons: Back, Menu and Home. The smooth and responsive user interface, on a phone at this price, really gives the Galaxy Ace 2 a higher-class feel.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Price

It's around 390 000Ush, but I’d like to remind you, that you can always find cheaper Samsung Ace at online marketplaces such as MoboFree.

In summary

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is a decent budget smartphone. It feels responsive – performance is as good as it gets at this price – and it has a lovely display and plenty of features. If you want to compare this mobile device with other Samsung phones, then you can check my other forum post on Latest Samsung phones in Uganda, also, I would be glad if you could leave me a comment about this phone!

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