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8 Aug 2014 16:37

There are a few options to find a cheap phone in Uganda:
1. you can buy used Samsung smartphone from your friend,
2. you can also buy Samsung devices from electronics stores in Kampala,
3. you can buy mobile devices it on the internet from online marketplaces.

This time I want to show you, the pros and cons of those three options to help you to choose.

Cheap Samsung phone
Cheap Samsung phone

Buy used phone from a friend.

• This is quite a cheap way to get you a phone fast and not very expensive:
• Although is quite a good option, a friend usually has only 1 mobile device to offer and you can’t choose.

Buy a smartphone at electronics shop

• They are very reliable and usually you can get a new unused mobile phone here without any defects.
• They usually are not working on the weekends and ends up their day when you end your job, so it is hard to find time to visit it.
• These shops have to pay rent, therefore the prices of their items are higher.
• There are no shops in smaller cities, so you have to travel a long way.

Buy phone online

There are many great online marketplaces in Uganda, but my favourite one is So why MoboFree?
• Here you can find CHEAP smartphones
• You will also be able to sell your old phone at the same website
• You will never be deceived, because the sellers on this site have their feedback and personal information
• There are many other phones, so you can compare them and choose which is better for you
• You can find a phone directly from your home or job and there is no need to visit all the stores to see what they are selling
• There are many sellers from Ugandan electronics shops, who have their mobile devices uploaded on this site.
• Sometimes you will need to wait until you get you phone, because it is not real shop, where you just take it and walk away.
• Although this is very trusted website, you should always get deep into details which are provided by the seller.

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