Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - why do many men like to be rich and successfully ?
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7 Aug 2014 22:10

Why do many men like to be rich and successful?

8 Aug 2014 10:49

man wants to effect his desires and be self sufficient. earning money is simply proving your manhood .

8 Aug 2014 15:40

hw can u ask such aqn us yo common sense

8 Aug 2014 17:13

Thrz no sense thts common..@jojo was a question nt a statrment#

8 Aug 2014 18:27

to hav a gud family enjoying everything he desires in life, as u know sam p'ple say whn money is availeble nasing is imposible

8 Aug 2014 22:01

4 self desire satisfaction

9 Aug 2014 00:20

Thats wat women want most

9 Aug 2014 09:23

there thing which are in born in all species' man fight to be rich, chemps n wild big cat fight 4 teritories, dogs fight 4 mates so tht nature of dominance in al species @peshypeche yes common sense z nt common

9 Aug 2014 17:47

They want to bare happy families

11 Aug 2014 08:12

Get serious, is there any man or even a woman out there who works hard to get Poor?

4 Mar 2015 11:22

Bcoz Responsibility Commonly Are Bends To Our Side.

4 Mar 2015 17:38

I Think no one wants to be poor,a poor man is always a begger and a slave to the rich!!!,so a qn comes;who wants to be a begger or a slave to theother.thats why we struggle to be rich . who wants his kidz to study in poor bad schools?,who wants to always use taxi&bodabodas as transport?who wants to be in a rental house?,who wants to work for someone or under someone?thats why we hate being poor.
remember this:All Good Riches Comes From God!!!

4 Mar 2015 17:43


5 Mar 2015 19:59

cze dey a womanizers naturaly en dey can.t do it wz out dat

5 Mar 2015 23:31

cz dat z da ladies needs

7 Mar 2015 00:15

they have many things to do