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7 Aug 2014 17:41

Mobile phones prices in Uganda vary from 40 000 UGX to even 4 000 000 UGX. Everything depends on:

1. How new the phone is?
2. What type of phone – is it smartphone or simple mobile phone?
3. How it was used – maybe it is barely working?
4. What manufacturer made this phone?
5. What is the mobile phone’s model?

The best option to buy a phone

In my opinion, the best option to choose is to buy a fairly used phone from a good person. It should be made by a good manufacturer like Samsung, in this way you will get a cheap and good working mobile phone with good specifications. All you have to do is to search a little bit and choose. There I will give you a list of some mobile phones with prices in Uganda.

Used phones under 100 000 in Uganda

• Samsung GT-E2232 mobile gadget is being sold for 80 000 UGX. It is black colour, perfect condition, has a charger and headphones added.

Samsung DUOS GT-S5222 mobile phone would cost you 70 000 UGX when buying it used from a person. This has a capacitive touchscreen, 3 inch display, 3.15 MP camera.

• Samsung GT-S5230 Android phone is being sold for 100 000 UGX, it also has 3 inch touchable display and 3.15 MP camera, accelerometer, micro SD.

Used phones between 100 000 and 250 000 in Uganda

Nokia 6020 cell phone with price of 150 000 UGX is also being sold in Uganda. The 6020 has a sensible keypad design and is a compact size. The joystick and rectangular keypad layout make it easy to use, and the menus are also intuitive, making it easy to access the phone's functions.

• Nokia c3 smartphone used for 165 000 UGX. It has 2MP primary camera, 2.4 inch display, 30h maximum music playback time, Opera mini internet browser and Nokia Browser.

• Nokia Asha 501 smartphone costs 250 000 UGX. This Nokia Asha phone has 3.2 MP primary camera, Wi-Fi connection, 3 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen, FM radio, 32 GB storage capacity. Fresh and colourful, the Nokia Asha 501 is designed to be compact in size and super smart in experience.

Nokia Asha 501 smarphone
Nokia Asha 501 smarphone

Which phone would YOU buy or maybe already have?? I want to know! Write a comment below and answer.

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8 Aug 2014 12:56

Do you have sony xperior z2? Then how much does it cost?