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7 Aug 2014 16:50

Today I’ve prepared you a review on Samsung Galaxy Tabs with the prices in Uganda. Those tablets are not cheap; actually, they can even cost more, than a last generation laptop. But if you want to find a cheaper option, you already know where to look for it! Check the best tablet offers at various marketplaces on the Internet. So let’s start!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Price - 1 000 000 Ush

• This is one of the latest Samsung devices, which has an outstanding hardware and powerful software. This model has 2560x1600 pixel WQXGA Super AMOLED scree, which works out at 287 pixels-per-inch on the larger model and 360ppi on the smaller one.
• Samsung has never been one to shy away from packing in as many bells and whistles as it can, and the Tab S is no exception. Like the Galaxy S5, the tablet boasts a fingerprint scanner that you may or may not prefer to a PIN code.
• There's a multi window feature for multi-tasking which works as advertised, letting you chat while browsing the web or control your music while poring over Google Maps and so on.

Samsung Galaxy note 10.1, Price - 1 000 000 Ush

Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet

• Samsung has split its forces in two in the ongoing tablet war, with the entry-level Tab range sitting under the premium Note range. As the biggest device in the elite class, then, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 can arguably be seen as Samsung's new flagship tablet.
• The new Samsung Tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 has made design improvements elsewhere. It's a fair bit slimmer (7.9mm down from 8.9mm) and lighter (535g versus 597g) than its predecessor and its side bezels are considerably thinner.
• Just below the right-hand speaker is the Galaxy Note 10.1's micro SD slot, which permits up to 64GB of additional storage - very handy when opting for the 16GB model that I was sent.
• Overall, it's still perhaps not quite as balanced a picture as you'll find on a Retina display-sporting iPad, but it's very pleasant to look at nonetheless, and it certainly does vibrant HD content (such as movies and games) justice.

Samsung Galaxy Ativ Tab 3 900 000Ush

• Samsung has just unleashed on the unsuspecting public with the Samsung Tab Ativ 3, most thinking they were safe from the deluge of tablets that the South Korean firm was throwing onto the market.
• The 550g weight is also another real selling point, as while its Ativ Q sibling is a rather chunky unit that may cause your arm to fall off on the train, this comes in with a much more sprightly mass (yes, we know mass isn't technically the right word there).
• The ports are much less generous than on the Ativ Q or the other Windows 8 laptops, with only a micro USB, micro HDMI and micro SD slot showing that you can connect to other devices. In fact, it's actually the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4 - so if you own one of those, you'll be set. Actually, no, that's not true as the HDMI and USB ports are combined on the smartphone.

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I would also like to know, which tablet would you choose or maybe already have! Write it down in the comments.

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