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7 Aug 2014 16:09

This time I would like to help you to choose a good TV in Kampala, Uganda. Later I will review you some TVs which you can find in a marketplaces and also I’ll compare the prices and specs. So let’s star!

1. It should be an HD TV.

A wide screen, for example 1280x720 pixels will make you feel like participating in the movie and all the colours will highlight the pictures and scenes.

2. Slim TVs looks better.

Thin TV or Plasma type HD TVs are easier to place at home. It usually has better viewing angles and better contrast. Also they are brighter.

3. Good TV sound system.

It is vital for a good TV. Make sure to use the "optical" or "digital audio" sound outputs from your HDTV cable or satellite or video game box when you connect to the receiver – that way you're sure to be surround by the best possible sound around.

4. Appropriate connections.

While most HDTVs have component (red, green and blue) video inputs to connect to your cable, satellite tuner and DVD player, double check to make sure, that your new HDTV has an HDMI input with HDCP support — the connection and anti-piracy combo that future-proofs your purchase for years to come.

5. Try it!

Play your favourite DVD on the HDTV you buy, to see whether it really has good colours, contrast and sound. The default movies which are shown in stores are not always the best for comparison.

There are several TV, which are really impressive, but their price is “impressive” as well. I wouldn’t spend that much on a TV, therefore I bought mine form an online marketplace.

Philips 3000 - 32 LED TV – 950 000 Ush

Regardless of what you are watching - experience clear LED picture and sound performance with your Philips TV. A functional design makes this LED TV the perfect choice for any room of your house.Enjoy the Philips 2908 series LED TV powered by Digital Crystal Clear for extremely vivid images combined with a minimalist TV design. Take one home for a memorable viewing experience in any room.

Sony Bravia 24 Inch LED TV – 700 000 Ush

Sony TV
Sony TV

Complete your home theater system with the stylish Sony Bravia KLV 24R402A 24inch LED TV. This stunning TV produces crisp images with reduced noise with its Clear Resolution Enhancer. Motionflow XR 100 delivers smoother, less blurry images while watching fast paced action, so you won't miss a thing. You can even connect your smartphone to view media, apps and more on a supersized screen from the device itself.

LG 47 Inch 3D Smart TV – 4 000 000 Ush

LG LCD TVs bring you innovative features with brilliant colour and stunning high definition that changes the way you see the world.LG LCD TVs have innovative features like LG Cinema 3D for a real movie experience, and Smart TVs with limitless content. With brilliant colour and stunning high-definition, LCD television technology changes the way you see the world. Also, the price is really impressive, and I’m not sure whether this sum of money should be spent on TV.

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Also, leave your opinion on which TV is worth to buy

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