Ugandian forum: Sports - why has uganda never gone for africacup of nations since 1970's?
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2 Aug 2014 08:59

why has uganda never gone for africacup of nation since 1970's?

2 Aug 2014 09:50

The goverment has almost no input accompaned by FUFA's poor management.

2 Aug 2014 13:14

lack of resources 4 training

2 Aug 2014 13:14

Its all abt budluck we ugandans jst av no luck i ent knw y?

3 Aug 2014 02:59

the current govt doesnt support sports at all as compared to the time of Iddi Amin who was a sports fan.FUFA is just full of corrupt officials which has made the players lose morale to chase the trophy

3 Aug 2014 10:03

to possess is th highest. there is a host of reality behind the ball. footballers dont hv optimal mingling with dat ruling host

3 Aug 2014 10:09

Maybe i ask you

3 Aug 2014 10:17
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3 Aug 2014 11:20

the lack of govment suport and the curse to almost the east african teams eg Rwanda, Burundi etc

3 Aug 2014 23:05

The problem wiz ug.ftball comes from luck of footballing academies to bring up young talents across the contry fufa only known in k'la not in ug.

4 Aug 2014 14:47

most ugs dory value futbo

4 Aug 2014 20:04

ugandans become proud wen they nid apoint to make it

12 Aug 2014 09:35

U Knw We As Ugandanz We Lack luck En Advise 4rom Other 4otobal Countries En Addition On That We Don't Have Money 2 Put In Club

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15 Aug 2014 21:24

the governance iz relactant towardz sports,