Ugandian forum: Politics - what development is kcca briging to kampala to remove congetion?
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2 Aug 2014 08:54

what development is kcca bringing to remove trafic congestion in kampala city?

2 Aug 2014 23:01

Mbu trains,fly overs, and sending boda bodas and taxis out of the city centre.

3 Aug 2014 16:05

it's of precious for kcca to do that because one time l was in congestion athief grab my laptop when I was in taxi. let's my goes directly to kcca in their highest capacity. we /l want development.

3 Aug 2014 22:26

Kcca must know that devm't is made by people,how will the city be devp'd when p'ple abeing chest from the city? The city is 4kcca official or? The tym is coming!.there4 no dev't

4 Aug 2014 12:02

train get ready to see trainz n december we love u jenifer musisi nd kcca atlarge

4 Aug 2014 17:31

development goes hand in hand with people, but chesting them away! no development at all

4 Aug 2014 20:01

if its dvt dats gd bt 60M was too wide en painful for d public at large

5 Aug 2014 07:10

ovcourse a blind cant see t. ba f u got eyes, u can c wat the council haz dan nd ts doing

31 Mar 2015 10:57

Justus am touched by that. We should exercises extra care while moving in town.

24 Apr 2015 19:34

i think kcca is a double dealer, one moment you find no single vendor on the street, the next day you find many vendors back in business. what is really happenin?

25 Apr 2015 22:38

we need buses back on the road, these tax guys are just taking advantage of us by rising tariffs whenever they feel like