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16 Jul 2014 23:27

Last year i had a gal-lover whom i used to spend time with but when i got broke,she decided to go with another guy so now she is apologising & texting me everyday with lovely words.
Can i forgive her or not??????
Pliz advise me!!

17 Jul 2014 22:17

for gv her

19 Jul 2014 01:43

She wz money minded thn luvin man be crful.

19 Jul 2014 07:49
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19 Jul 2014 09:08

don't 4give that money minded gal because she is after money not love.

19 Jul 2014 11:19

U can 4give my brother as long as she has apologised coz she may be yo future wife so 4give my dia lk how God 4give His children

19 Jul 2014 11:56

Thats Totally Abitch Who Goes Where The Largest Binder Is

19 Jul 2014 16:07

First of all y is she breaking up with this other guy and if its dime don't. And in the first place don't.

19 Jul 2014 19:48

She doesnt love!,she loves the money,once its finished,she'll also go,rem easy come easy go.

19 Jul 2014 20:48

4give her assume u wa in da same situation,sonyiwa

19 Jul 2014 20:54

neva gv second chances ..jst ,move on

19 Jul 2014 21:08

i cant give chances to jerks

20 Jul 2014 20:09

If she didn't sleep with dat guy

20 Jul 2014 21:10

in dis situation,money is over powering love so my dear act like a man

20 Jul 2014 22:55

pliz dnt

22 Jul 2014 21:18

rem wen she left u cried n nobody helped u wipe.she z coming in another style.dnt warm yrslf wid someone's heat.thx

25 Jul 2014 21:00

love z about 4giving each aza so let her love u 4 real

27 Jul 2014 23:55

she had already broke 1 of part ur heart now she returned to break another.dotn't give a chance.

28 Jul 2014 22:49

Please think she went out got sick now she is coming to kill u in ur house.

3 Aug 2014 21:00

My Bro Follow Your Heart