Ugandian forum: Religion - Which religion is the right one?
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1 Jul 2014 12:10

Do you support any religion? Which one and why?

28 Aug 2014 14:31

the person's heart

10 Oct 2014 00:34


10 Oct 2014 00:37

Islam is the only religion which is true

10 Oct 2014 00:39

in fact the right religion in the Eyes of Allah is Islam

4 Dec 2014 11:47
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12 Dec 2014 19:27

Islam is the only religion on this univers,cause it only teaches us to belive in one God and his messanger(S.W.A)

9 Apr 2015 23:49

am nt amslim but acording to what ihv seen,islam is the very call of the highest creator to the humble human being to surrender with his will and power,to the infinite power nd the supreme sovereign.lets nw jump to the issue ofthe sign nd the evidence standing insupport of islam nd they are so many,so we name but few.the evidence includes the textthat came prophesying the adent of islam nd th prophet of islam wether in the previous scriptures or in the quran;the book of deuteronomy 18:18,we find that God spoke to moses nd said to him that he will raise from among their brethren aprophet like unto him(moses)nd he (the prophet)will speak of so many other places in the bible ,we will get the names of the prophet in combination with the massiah nd the baptist.theprophet is none but muhammad,also he referred to in the bible as elijah coming from the arabianpenisula .there s also areference to the light coming from the mountains of pharan.

19 Apr 2015 03:35

"I am the way the truth and the light, no one comes to the father except through me" quoted Jesus in the Bible. There is no really a true religion but any that is in the line of the Messaiah. God has made himself revealed in form of flesh and blood through the Son of man (Jesus) that man will be without escuse. Jesus is like God himself for he was anointed with a full potion on the Holy Spirit (which is the Spirit of God himself). Be not deceived for the end is near and God will ask you to account for you life. And this one criterion, Jesus, shall be used to determine who is worthy of the everlasting kingdom of God.

19 Apr 2015 04:26


19 Apr 2015 06:38