Ugandian forum: Fashion - Would you buy lightly worn clothes from famous brands?
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1 Jul 2014 12:01

Would you buy second-hand clothes made by the world's famous designers? Or do you only wear new clothes?

22 Aug 2014 21:17


15 Nov 2014 18:21

New clothes

13 Feb 2015 17:19

Yah,because brands like versace regardless of whether its new or second hand,it holds its divine intrinsic value of quality and durability

24 Feb 2015 02:07

design mine

1 May 2015 03:35

Mostly i wear new outfits not 2 much interested in 2nd hand

3 May 2015 14:16

second hand clothes or new clothes all are made by designers and at one time might be of the same designer

3 Jun 2015 11:06

All that matters to me is that, the clothe is on trend, and fashionable.

5 Jun 2015 20:48

not really