Tanzanian forum: Romance & Friendship - ! when did you join mobofree.com ?
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25 Apr 2015 04:15

When did ya join mobofree.com ?

25 May 2015 14:26

In 2014 february 2..... That was my first ID here in this mobo world. That ID was shruthy. I still loves that ID because I got 2000 frnds and 500000 mobopoints in 8 months mobo life. But unfortunately its no morehere. But I joined again because I want to say the reason of my absence in here to my best frnds. Otherwise they will think I'm a fraud one. I'm still searching here my wonderful frnds here. And I got back many ,but some frnds left mobofree when I'm not there. Now I'm happy here because I have my besties now and I got more new frnds .... Everybody loves me and me also loves them...I'm having very happiness and comfortable here in mobofree..... Love u mobo love u frnds

25 May 2015 17:32

2011 / 03 / 17 ..
( id hidden by user request )