Tanzanian forum: Jobs and Career - Read through Iman’s top five tips for working women below!
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23 Apr 2015 00:22

1. Look for what’s missing and create it.
“My third day in New York, I went on a shoot for American
Vogue. I was 18 and had never seen a fashion magazine
before and had no idea what to expect. It was me and one
other Caucasian model. The makeup artist asked me if I had
brought my own foundation, and I had no idea what he meant
because I had never worn makeup before in my life, but I
knew it was odd because he didn’t ask the other model.
I told him no, and he mixed together some colors to use on
me. After that shoot I was terrified to show up without my
own foundation, so I went to every store I could find and
bought different colors and started mixing them together.
That’s how I became so good at mixing colors .”

23 Apr 2015 00:23

2. Know what you’re talking about.
“When I first pitched the idea for my company, I met with
JCPenney, and I walked in with presentations and charts and
numbers. I stopped reading Vogue and started reading the
U.S. Census Bureau. And you know how boring that is! You
have to walk in and know what you’re talking about.”

23 Apr 2015 00:23

3. Believe it.
“I think it’s such a female thing, we look at ourselves in the
mirror and we pick, pick, pick. First and foremost, you have to
believe in yourself and believe in what your business is
about. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so let the
beholder be you .”

23 Apr 2015 00:24

4. Focus your efforts.
“After I quit modeling, it took five or six years before anyone
took me seriously. So what I did was I divorced myself from
my industry; I still got invites to all the fashion parties, but I
said no. I only went to executive business events that would
further my career and my business . I had to make the tough
decisions. I almost lost my business twice in my career, and it
was because I took my eye off the ball and tried doing things
that were not what my business is about. Don’t compete with
the Joneses.”

23 Apr 2015 00:25

5. Ask to be mentored by other women.
“You will not believe what will happen when you simply
reach out and ask for help. Ask to be mentored by other
women executives. Of course, make sure you’re asking the
right people! But don’t be afraid to ask for help. Coco
reached out to me once over Twitter and I responded.
And now I say I want to be Coco Rocha when I grow up!”