Tanzanian forum: MoboFree news - Tanzania user need more support , and their own moderator !!!
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24 Feb 2015 01:28

Pls read below !!! I stand for growth of mobofree , pls Sir Mobofree , Tanzanian people really need support and growth of their own forum and chat room , pls Mobofree , they really need support here , alot of forum are growing so fast , that what I really need too help too support every forums here on Mobofree.com ,
Pls Tanzania user always use and support ur country forum , pls this is my request , for the development of Tanzania forum , the amount of Tanzania users here on Mobofree.com re increasing everyday ,, which I'm so happy too see , but more support needed here on Tanzania forum :
Tanzania user here thanks :


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21 Mar 2015 02:17