Tanzanian forum: Romance & Friendship - How many lovers have you changed yet ?
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19 Jul 2014 01:06

It`s really enjoyable & profitable to change the lover every week month or year because you`ll able to know the originality or importance of true lover for your lifetime! (hehehehehe)

So, Have you ever changed your lover? Or would you like to change or exchange your lover now? Hehehehehe Or simply How many lovers have you changed yet?

25 Jul 2014 00:03


1 Aug 2014 15:26


3 Aug 2014 16:43


9 Sep 2014 09:30

Online, a few but they exchange me for something better lol

12 Sep 2014 16:08

i dont have lover or engage in relationship so i dont know what it feel like. but in my opinion it bad to change lovers bcs you are playing wth someone feelings

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7 Feb 2015 22:13

Only one