Tanzanian forum: Literature - What kind of books do you like?
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18 Jul 2014 19:54

1.do you like books like Robin hood and cinderella?
2.Have you ever read the Communist manifesto?
3.wow..the study of ants interesting aye?
4.you like books like stephen King, Dean koontz?
5.you love, blood, gore.. and murder..
6.even though your a lot older now Alice in wonderland was and still is the shit!?
7.you like a good story fictional or not?
8.you like books where a crazy mad man goes on a killing spree?
9. do you like books that talk about controlling, and making people do anything?
10.do you catch yourself day dreaming a lot?
11.do you like murder, detective mysterys?
12. do you like biography and historical books?
13.an axe in the back of the main charecters head really is your cup of tea?
14.do you like the classics like Tom sawyer The Age of innocence and Moby dick?
15.you like book series like Harrypotter?
16.you like fictional novels such as little women?
17.if you get into a book its hard to put it down?
18.you like a book full of excitment and suspence? 19.you like a good cliffhanger?

3 Oct 2014 12:33

I like Romantic novel,fictional novels and POETRY*