Tanzanian forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - How to Increase WIFI Signal With a can of Drinks !!!
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18 Jul 2014 12:31

Hi all. We know that one of
the main problems for those
who use wifi modem is
weak Wi - Fi signal. Signals
tend to weaken as one
moves away from the
antenna, this coupled with
the potential barrier (walls,
doors, other antennas, etc.)
reduce the scope that can
have our modem.
The far away we go from the
modem antenna the less
signals we get and hence we
face problem surfing
How to Increase WiFi
Signals with a CAN
Fortunately for those who
are curious about these
questions, there is a very
simple and practical trick
that can increase the WiFi
signal with a can of beer,
soda or a drink that comes
in a similar package.
To do this, we need only an
empty can (plastic),
scissors, knife and duct
tape. The process is as
simple as you can see in the

Just take an empty can, take
a Scissor and Cut it in the
shape as shown in the
above picture.
Now Place the Can Behind
the antenna of your Modem
so that it captures the
signals and wont let the
signals go pass.
This Technique works like a
charm and you will feel the
difference. After perfoming
this trick you will see Strong
Signals and also Signals
reaching you somwhat even
if you are far away from the