Tanzanian forum: Jokes - What came first, Chicken or Egg ?
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18 Jul 2014 00:39

Sometimes people connect this question with religions & simultaneously its funny too.

Actually the creation of Egg is impossible without Chicken & similarly the birth of Chicken isn`t possible without Egg!

So, What do you think or what came first on earth, Chicken or Egg?

18 Jul 2014 10:56

Egg com first

18 Jul 2014 13:53

When u say egg com first, Who make egg!? @Katty

22 Jul 2014 10:52

chicken ofcoz
GOD never created an egg.
what i knw is that GOD created living organism and let them produces their own kind to fill the empty world

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24 Jul 2014 20:20

Pastorist and cock was the first

8 Mar 2015 05:58

Chiken come first

23 Apr 2015 14:48