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1 Jul 2014 11:38

Let's all play a very easy game.
You have to describe a thing without saying its name. The following person has to guess what the person above was talking about. Don't forget to write your new description for the following person!

I will start: The thing that is shining in the sky to make our days bright and warm?

1 Jul 2014 18:47


1 Jul 2014 19:50

It z a roundish object,a million miles away frm da earth bt seems to b seen near da earth's atmosphere,illuminating its rays on the earth to bring light to the earth n wen gonne we experience a night.dis action z brought by rotation of the earth on its own axis.

2 Jul 2014 05:40

its amng milion stars, in whch al objcts invlv arnd it

2 Jul 2014 16:38

sun andreas

2 Jul 2014 17:19