International forum: TV & Movies - What Is The Appropriate Age For Children To Start Watching Television?
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7 Jan 2014 03:02

Is it a good idea to let children watch Tv? There are a lot of corrupt music videos, movies and programs nowdays.If yes, at what age should children start watching TV? Write your opinion please.

13 Jan 2014 16:27

I think at least 10years

13 Jan 2014 19:52
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14 Jan 2014 00:28

4 me maybe 8-10 on a differ programe

14 Jan 2014 08:24

10 Years

14 Jan 2014 12:26
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14 Jan 2014 20:05

13 years.

15 Jan 2014 02:17

I think at least 5 years

15 Jan 2014 06:38
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15 Jan 2014 20:49


18 Jan 2014 18:26


20 Jan 2014 15:56

10 yrs

22 Jan 2014 20:02

the apropriate age is 2years bt parental guidance is required.

26 Jan 2014 07:39

I think its ok to let the kids watch tv as early as they can. I think as early as 6months. There are special cds that especially made to helps develop kids comprehension, sound recognition, and other things. Cds like phonetic, kids songs, alphabets, numbers. Since we know quite well that they are still kids/babies , we should see to it that we sit next to them whenever they are watching tv. And if necessary, explain thoroughly some salient features on it. Tv's are really helpful to kids for speech improvements, pronunciations and other things.
We, or any adult member of the family should sit next to the kid always and not the "nanny".

28 Jan 2014 13:55

Now a days chidrens so smart ....curious about things happen in their sorroundings ..dont be selfish they need to know whats happening........many shows can altribute moral lesson and can give more ideas to children as early as they can i think its ok .....just always remember to guide your kids always .cause whenever they have question come to their mind ....parents can explain it in a nice way ....that their kids can understand ......parental guidance is must..

28 Jan 2014 16:41
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18 Feb 2014 20:40
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10 Mar 2014 13:46

4 years old but selected movies and must be guided by parents

10 Mar 2014 18:53
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11 Mar 2014 09:11

Atleast 7-8 years