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17 Jan 2014 17:53

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17 Jan 2014 19:03

No i dont drink alcohol

17 Jan 2014 19:58


17 Jan 2014 19:58


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17 Jan 2014 20:27

No, It's bad :bad Habit

17 Jan 2014 20:34

Quite to the contrary. Every
living human body continuously
produces ethanol (beverage
alcohol) 24/7. It's called
endogenous ethanol production.
Human life does not exist
without the presence of alcohol.
Microorganisms in our digestive
system constantly convert sugar
into carbon dioxide gas and
ethanol. The quantity of alcohol
produced depends on our diet,
but can reach about an ounce of
"pure" alcohol per day. That's
equivalent to almost two
alcoholic drinks: two beers, two
glasses of wine, or two shots of
Our belief that alcohol is a
poison and foreign to our
bodies is based in our
temperance past. The United
States imposed National
Prohibition for almost 14 years
(1920-1933) and we are
currently experiencing
Temperance activists
disregarded scientific
knowledge and, instead, made
many clearly absurd assertions:
Consider these ridiculous
Alcohol is the dirtiest drug we
have. It permeates and
damages all tissue. No other
drug can cause the same
degree of harm that it does.
Alcohol is harmful to the
Alcohol is a poison, and
drinking it (no level of
consumption indicated) might
lead to death.
Alcohol is toxic (no level of
consumption indicated).
The effects of alcohol on men
(no level of consumption
indicated) are that hormone
levels change, causing lower
sex drive and enlarged
Alcohol (no level of
consumption indicated) can
cause deterioration of the
heart muscle.
Incredibly, all these statements,
which are very misleading at
best, were not made by
prohibitionists of old but by
officials representing
governmental agencies of
today. Significantly, the
comments are not based on
scientific evidence but instead
seem to reflect aneo-
prohibitionist effort to
stigmatize alcohol.
It is the current federal
government policy to reduce the
consumption of alcoholic
beverages among American
adults. A deputy director of the
National Institute on Alcohol
Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
even publicly asserted that there
is no such thing as responsible
Instead of stigmatizing alcohol
and trying to scare people into
abstaining, we need to
recognize that it is not alcohol
itself but rather the misuse of
alcohol that is the problem.
The vast majority of American
adults who consume alcohol do
so in moderation with no ill
effects. Indeed, the moderate
consumption of alcohol (beer,
wine and spirits) is strongly
associated with better health
and greater longevity than is
either abstaining from alcohol or
abusing it. Some toxin!
The stigmatization of alcohol is
dangerously counterproductive
in the effort to promote the
moderate and healthful
consumption of alcohol by those
adults who choose to drink and
for whom it is not
contraindicated by pregnancy or
other reason.

17 Jan 2014 20:41

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17 Jan 2014 23:21
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18 Jan 2014 00:01

No ..... cheers

18 Jan 2014 02:29


18 Jan 2014 05:16

Somtime i take.

25 Jan 2014 19:55

no i dont drink alcohol.

25 Feb 2014 07:21
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25 Feb 2014 07:47

Drink when I feel like

25 Feb 2014 07:58

yes I do cheers

25 Feb 2014 08:14

yeh..sometimes i drink

25 Feb 2014 08:39

yes i do drink

25 Feb 2014 09:07


25 Feb 2014 09:30

Yess Only Beer