International forum: Religion - Why are some people in Christian kingdom don't excel or flourish compare to those in the satanic world ??
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26 May 2014 20:02
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27 May 2014 16:50

This time I can't comment maybe later...

27 May 2014 17:26


27 May 2014 17:40

Because the devil knows that humans are after money and wealthy things so he brings those things to earth to change the minds of christians whose faith and believes in Christ are shallow. When we look at the Bible,Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil after His fast to bow and worship him the devil so that he gives Him Jesus the whole of his kingdom,but the Bible says Christ refused because He was not after wealthy things, just as the story of Job in the Bible whom the devil took away every thing he had from him so as he could have abandoned God and folow him but Job knew the God he was serving and never stopped worshiping Him. Because of wealthy things what do we see in the world now,naions fighting agaist nations, killing for money rituals prostitution,lesbianism and gay practises for money,stealing and so much more,we should stand firm and appreciate what we have rather than to accept satanic wealth when we want to enjoy with our Father in Heaven at the appointed time. God has a way of blessing each and every one so we shouldnt be discourage,we should hold on fast and keep on praying and at the right time we wil be glorified by God. When we gain the whole world and looses our soul and departing from God what is the essence of it? We should think what is ahead of us and not what to wine and dine today. We can again take the story of lazerus and the rich man in the Bible as an example, no one is being burried with his money,cars,houses or any of his properties so why do we allow satan to deceive and keep as astray from the Almighty when he,satan has nothing good to offer us rather than to kill and to destroy mankind

27 May 2014 19:09

28 May 2014 03:11

i will answer by asking
"why is some satanic people not rich or cant flourish as those in christian kingdom"
this is biased
i suggest u asked what is true success?????

18 May 2015 14:28
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18 May 2015 14:30
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10 Jun 2015 10:57
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