International forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it possible to really fall in love to someone you have never met in person?
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17 Jan 2014 13:28
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17 Jan 2014 16:47

Yes its possible

17 Jan 2014 19:59


17 Jan 2014 23:53

Unfortunately ......yes..
Don't know why .....can't explain why .....but it's seem you known him for a long time ........yes it's insane but it's true it is possible.....yes it is.......

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20 Jan 2014 10:06

I can speak based from my experience and id say YES

... there's a guy who caught my attention from the first networking site where I came from. he is a total stranger. we became friends and during the passage of time I fell inlove with him. at first I couldn't believe it. me loving someone I dnt hav any idea who, I dont knw whether he is real or not. or wat kind of family he belongs. but, it really happens. I wake up one day that a single message from him is enough to curve a smile unto my face.. he is a stranger yet he was able to touch my heart amazingly.. so therefore, I can honestly say that it's really possible to fall inlove with a stranger

mine doesnt lasts as I wanted it to be or as I dreamed it to be but there are people I personally knew that their love story begins in the net and ends in marriage...

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20 Jan 2014 22:48

yes and it's very easy to fall in love with unmet person

21 Jan 2014 15:45
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21 Jan 2014 18:28

U feel attanched even tho u ve nt met.yes u cn

24 Jan 2014 21:19

yes of coz

27 Feb 2014 23:43


28 Feb 2014 15:22
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28 Feb 2014 15:41


28 Feb 2014 17:40

Yes, ofcourse.

28 Feb 2014 17:44
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28 Feb 2014 18:09

yes it is position

28 Feb 2014 20:27

Yes its possible to fall in love with astranger,we call it love in the first sight.And it really works.

28 Feb 2014 23:05
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28 Feb 2014 23:51

Yes it possible to fell in love wit a strager

28 Feb 2014 23:54

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1 Mar 2014 00:19

Yes it possible it happend to me:heart

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