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26 May 2014 15:24

What Is the average year of human life today?

In old testament time human being, live more than a hundred years.

26 May 2014 15:45

Yes definitely old people have capabilities to live more than hundred years because their environment was better than nowadays.
Don`t you know about the pollution of nowadays?

26 May 2014 16:23

i thnk n0w..45years 0ld wud be a greatful 0ne..

26 May 2014 16:45
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26 May 2014 19:19

1. Humans leave shorter on Earth as compared to the old testament, because of sin which keeps us away from God just as Adam and Eve did when they ate of the forbidden fruit. 2. Humans in this present world leave and die early because of bad deeds among ourselves which reult mostly in kiling of one another and also through curses. 3. In the old testament they even leaved for more than two hundred years but in present world if the person is bless by God then he/she leave for 100 or 75yrs before dying that is even with the old people 4. but for we present youth we die at tender ages which ranges from 20 to 50 yrs on earth 5. We again die early because al foods are made of chemicals

26 May 2014 19:47
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27 May 2014 05:31

Maybe the common factor is their life style.

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21 Aug 2014 10:30

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21 Aug 2014 10:35

60 years

21 Aug 2014 13:09

I learnt it's 120yrs.

21 Aug 2014 14:02