International forum: Properties - Asset or liabilities?
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26 May 2014 06:17

Hello guys...
How do you invest your time in money?
Something that can be called asset or liabilities?
Asset means anything that you have in your own life produces income.
While liabilities demands your pocket every now and then...

26 May 2014 11:29

Money is something we cant keep in our pocket for long without spending so what i do is at the end of the month when i receive my salary,i divide in to three,keep one-third in the bank and two- third with me in the house. I make a list of things that i wil be needing fr a month So i go to the market to buy perishable and non perishable food stuffs fr storage use,i buy my cosmetics and then go to the boutique fr shopping. Not forgetting of paying my tithing since i do that at the end of every month and send sum to my parents as wel for their up keep. I then keep the rest on me so as i can buy sum thing along the line, i mark savings with mobil bankers when i receive gift from frnds to support my savings and expenditure

26 May 2014 13:31

Putting some amount in the bank is a wise decision.
That is your assets.
People don't know how much the important of saving money.

26 May 2014 13:57

babynash im g0in t0 save m0ney t0o but h0w if im 0nly asking m0ney frm my parents? ah!!!! later i save after i graduate..if i have w0rk already

26 May 2014 14:20

Quiete, i used to save sume thing smal,smal when i was in school through the little that i got from my parents and also i worked to support myself whenever i was on school vacation. When you determine to save you can make it no matter what happens as to if is even a penny

26 May 2014 17:05
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26 May 2014 20:36

That is very right and good idea taken lost in love, because any thing can happen at work so far as is not your personal work,like dismissal or even if is your private work there can be fire out break or any thing which can colapse it so what do you leave and feed on when you have nothing behind you. Students are also to try and save something since anything can happen to our parents and even if not we cant always depend on them for survival. Saving is very important but pls note and beware of the type and kind of bank going to save since most banks run away with our monies. When saving,make sure that it has many branches, recognised,lincesed and authorised by the countries biggest bank or an old bank which has branches in different countries. Eg. Ecobank,HFC-bank

26 May 2014 20:59

26 May 2014 21:17
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26 May 2014 21:18
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27 May 2014 05:21

27 May 2014 05:33

What do you think about car? Asset or liabilities?

27 May 2014 07:52

For car assest it can be a taxi,personal use car or an urvan,which carries passengers from place to place. we have to make sure that we lincesed al cars on the road to help us and the police in doing their work, it should be done in a recognised institution

27 May 2014 08:25

For car it can be both liabilities and asset. Because we first learn on driving it which involves our time, spend on buying it with huge sums of money, and then registering it. Car can be in the form of commercial and private use. We make money from the commercial car and for the private its convience in the sense of not delaying our time when we are attending an important meetings, we again take it to mechanics for maintenance whenever it becomes faulty.

27 May 2014 08:52

Nice explanation about asset and liabilities..

27 May 2014 08:53

What do you think about gadgets?