International forum: Romance & Friendship - Can Love Kill or Heal?
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23 May 2014 05:02

I want to leave this valuable questions to one that had been in love for atleast 2 good decades and have experienced the red site of love,as well as the white site to give an answer to this question.

23 May 2014 10:05

It`s possible & Love has all abilities!

23 May 2014 10:35
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23 May 2014 10:54


23 May 2014 17:08

23 May 2014 17:37

Love can destroy!

23 May 2014 20:19


26 May 2014 23:39

Off course yes,love is risky and dangerous and can kill so friends we shouldnt play with some body's heart at al espercialy when we dont love him/her we shouldnt force ourselves just to be inlove with him because we need some thing from him/her