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22 May 2014 13:58

who want to learn HTML?

22 May 2014 14:06

22 May 2014 16:01

22 May 2014 16:48


22 May 2014 18:47


22 May 2014 19:54

me,i need to kearn HTML,what can we do nw

22 May 2014 20:01
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22 May 2014 23:24

html is the basics its best to learn php but if you want to learn html its best to start off with wml the difference is that html is color coded and is supported by both mobile and pc while wml only support mobile it is very basic you can learn it with in a day if you are a fast learner i am going to give you a basic line

<br/>this is used for new line
<center>this is used to center aline text or any thing you want to aline you can change it at any time just replace center with left or right i can teach you a lot more but not here

22 May 2014 23:27

</script><div class="links">
<a href="" title="*">*</a><br/>



22 May 2014 23:27

its best to learn the basic

23 May 2014 04:51
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23 May 2014 05:11

it took me less than 2 months to learn first if you really want to learn html or wml or xhtml please signup to they have easy user integrated tools that will help you through the process of learning when you are done let me know