International forum: Romance & Friendship - After Getting Back Together Again After Break Up Does Your Relation Be Stronger Or Weaker?
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22 May 2014 13:57

When after a break up couples get back together again. Does their relationship grow stronger or weaker? What is your opinion friend?

22 May 2014 14:07

I think some weaker than before..

22 May 2014 15:16
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22 May 2014 18:31

Yeah,u are absolutely right

1 Jun 2014 12:06

It depends on if both the partener learnt their lessons and not willing to repeat same mistakes relation can grow stronger.

8 Sep 2014 20:59

Quote by Creepyfac3
it depends 0n whats the cause 0f their break up bef0re and it depends 0n h0w they b0th pr0ve the sincerity 0f n0t d0ing same mistakes again.if the cause was cheating,f0r sure there will be hard time making the relati0n str0ng since d0ubts will always be there already.