International forum: Religion - Giving Alms & Offering to the poor and beggar is acceptable?
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17 May 2014 10:21

The passion of Christ portrait the highest expression of Love by giving himself without any reservation.
During his life on earth he taught about giving to the poor and needy.
Do you continued this teaching regardless of your sect or denomination today.
Does religion holding this practice?

17 May 2014 12:08

Christians today only want to please and boost themselves so when they are given an offering to the poor and needy they want people to know and see, but when we look at the Bible,it says'when doing some thing with the Right hand the left hand is not suppose to see it'. Christians today do not want their fellower friends to be also at their level,because according to them who wil they control when they are al rich. Many bad things are happening in the world now for these reasons,such as stealing and prostitution. So for giving of offreings,i wil say muslims practise that more than christians, which theirs is termed as zakat

17 May 2014 17:29

According to Islam, you've to give 40% of property to poor & needy people every new year but unfortunately nobody is doing it!
Therefore rich people are highly growing & poor people are coming to me! Hehe

Because I`m beggar

17 May 2014 17:31

in 0ur church we still c0ntinue d0in that..n0t 4 to let pe0ple see that were ab0ve them but t0 please and w0rshp g0d..4 g0d says that 4 wh0 wh0m 0beying my c0mmand is d 1 wh0m w0rshping me..and to let pe0ple see als0 that dr is really g0d and hs w0rking 0n us..when typh0on haiyan hit my place..were affected and suffered als0 but we still shared what we have..n0t just f0od or etc..but h0pe...that there is g0d and he will never leave us.

17 May 2014 21:37
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17 May 2014 22:00
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18 May 2014 05:37

Yes, I`m sharing my successful skills of begging! (Lost In Love)!

18 May 2014 05:50

18 May 2014 15:59

19 Jun 2016 02:26

Heaven is for few people, not all of the Christ Followers (Christains) will go to heaven. Few who really committed to follow Christs teaching only do it with their heart.