International forum: Other - Body Languages! [ According to Psychologist the body languages has its own meaning?]
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16 May 2014 22:03

In Baseball games sometimes the one player throwing the ball going to the butler, behind at the butler there is another one player touching his lower ear, or sometimes his finger tips touching his nose or foreheads all these sign has a meaning???
Even in NBA if we are looking the players inside the court we can see that their movements has also a meaning?

No wonder! when we are going to courted someone sometimes the ladies always looking our body movements...

16 May 2014 22:16

Body language has it meanings because when a woman for instance loves a man she has a way of signing him or shaking her body just as a man who wants a lady also has a sign of showing her. We have a sign of showing cal me or i wil cal u leta and no matter what the person wil understand it

18 May 2014 16:01