International forum: Romance & Friendship - Who gives love bite girl or boy?
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16 May 2014 15:47

Well in my 0pini0n Both can do it, just we should sure that our partner doesn't mind l0l. We shouldn't be shy to ask if 0ur partener like it,

21 May 2014 11:30
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21 May 2014 12:28

Quote by Creepyfac3
toinks i dont know but i think its boys :P

thanks h0n f0r p0sting ur h0nest 0pini0n

23 May 2014 03:47
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27 May 2014 09:33

Quote by gara25
I think the boy's

thanks for sharing your ideas

7 Jul 2016 10:07

If my boyfriend bites me, it's hurt you know for revenged I bite him more than he does...

Suck his blood....

7 Jul 2016 10:09

love bite