French forum: Literature - Favorite French author
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16 May 2014 13:26

I am a huge fan of Albert Camus. Who is your favourite French author?

14 Jul 2014 14:23

My favorite french author is Jean Jacque Rousseau

5 Nov 2014 21:06

Among french authors,i prefer Joachim Du Bellay(1522-1560)because many of its booklets talk abt humanism.such as"Regrets"(1558)

18 Dec 2014 21:55

I prefer Charles Baudelaire . Les Fleurs du Mal. also Victor Hugo and Albert Camus"l'étranger"

17 Dec 2015 16:47

for me it s Victor Hugo with Quatrevingt-Treize and Les miserables

28 Dec 2015 02:03

for me is CHEICK ANTA DIOP Essai: Nations Negre et culture, Edit: 1976, presence africaine