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15 May 2014 11:58

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16 May 2014 08:57

Quote by nizamgph
Can someone please explain the basic difference between Rugby League & Rugby Union?

No I Cannot!

16 May 2014 11:42

Rugby league is a team of foot ball players and supporters and rugby union is an association of a group of people who come together to plan and form an association,which is mostly companies

20 May 2014 04:01

Rugby league are consist of 17 players, 13 players taking the field and 4 players stays as a substitutes whereas in rugby union, 22 players. 15 players plays while the rest are on the bench for

26 May 2014 17:00

in rugby league, a team has to be tackled 5 times before they make their last attack rather by a kick or run, they dont do lineouts , in union, you get tackled so many times as long as you dont give a pwnalty or drop the ball....I prefer league n STAGE OF ORIGIN IS TWO NIFHTS AWAY :heya

20 Aug 2014 09:13