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14 May 2014 19:03

What happning in mail box ?

14 May 2014 19:04

Quote by Candle14
What happning in mail box ?

15 May 2014 11:34
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15 May 2014 11:57

dis new mailbox theme

15 May 2014 12:40

Mailbox is more convenient compare to the old one.
New mailbox similar to private message in face book.
No need to click your inbox from time to time to reopen the progress of your conversation to the same person while the motion is in progress.

15 May 2014 12:57
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15 May 2014 13:13

This new mail box is cul

15 May 2014 13:19

at 1st it sucks me but n0w yes its better than 0ld m0b0free team

15 May 2014 15:02

Correct! Very convenient...

16 May 2014 04:17

I like new style of mailbox!

16 May 2014 19:06
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16 May 2014 19:13

Anyone free,.

16 May 2014 21:39

Quote by Lost in love
:help i dont know how used VIP grrrrrrrr,:help:help:help:ohno no smileys

You need to buy super power then activate your VIP

17 May 2014 03:51
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17 May 2014 04:10
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17 May 2014 04:36

Quote by Creepyfac3
UPGRADED NEW MAILB0X is m0re c0nvenient and much easier t0 frst there will be c0nfusi0n bt s00ner as we get used t0 it we can see that its less time c0nsuming.i just want t0 share s0me inf0s t0 its new style...
when we click inbox option whch located on top of the page it will show ALL MSGS INCLUDING SENT MSGS so if you want to see only UNREAD MSGS or only SENT MSGS,you have to click inbox or sent option located in MY MAILB0X option.
its more convenient now coz theres already a write msg box inside the conversation.just like u r in a private can reply and still can see your whole conversation so you dnt have to go out evry now and then 2 click an0ther msg frm same person and read and click conversation again.


17 May 2014 09:33
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