International forum: Romance & Friendship - Are Girls more preoccupied with photo comments than boys?
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13 May 2014 04:51

Girls really appreciate when someone comments on their looks in a positive or acknowledging manner. Boys, on the other hand, seem to be slightly more indifferent about the comments they get on their looks. Both genders seek the acknowledgement they get from having their looks commented on, but the girls are more preoccupied with what kind of comments they get and who they come from. In general, it is very important that the comments come from friends and people they know, rather then strangers. This indicates that photo comments are not just about having ones outer looks valued and acknowledged, but also about practising and maintaining friendships. Friends please comment your honest ideas here.

13 May 2014 11:20

Maybe !;)

13 May 2014 11:31

I think boys are very good on commenting women's pics than women because they're jealous to tell the other woman that she's beautiful,and boys awel they don't feel good to comment on oanother boy's pics because they felt so jealous to do so that's my thought friends!

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14 May 2014 06:09
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16 May 2014 16:52

Quote by Creepyfac3
i appreciate every comments on my pix even how simple it is and even from whom it came from..even bad comments i appreciate as long as its not malicious comments :)

thanks f0r sharing y0ur h0nest 0pini0n h0ney