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12 May 2014 11:23

My love is pure!

12 May 2014 12:25

It`s secret!

12 May 2014 13:58
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12 May 2014 15:18

we were y0ung wen i 1st saw u i cl0se my eyes........i 4g0t

12 May 2014 16:17


12 May 2014 18:39
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12 May 2014 20:33

Nice story

12 May 2014 21:13

Quote by mitze
My love story I have learned to listen to my heart. I have learned that if I never make room for better things and better ways to be, if I never clear out the things in my life that stand in the way of my happiness, then I not aligning my universe to allow for amazing things. In this life, I don’t find myself. I create myself. And the same goes for love: I don’t find love, I create a road for love to travel and wait for it to come.
that's my love story :hb

13 May 2014 07:43
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13 May 2014 11:19

No love story but horror story I have

17 May 2014 05:03

i havent love story

17 May 2014 05:13

Quote by clixsters
No love story but horror story I have ;)

Hehehe Ok horror story?

17 May 2014 11:15

Dont hv yet..

17 May 2014 11:23

17 May 2014 12:33

Love is not a story for tell to everyone Love is just Love.

17 May 2014 12:50

My love story is bitter so i dont want to share it now because i dont want to cry this morning but am only praying for a better one to come soon

17 May 2014 13:16

Love is such a precious thing

17 May 2014 13:46

luv iz wind, you cant see it but you can feel it.

17 May 2014 14:30

17 May 2014 15:06