International forum: Ladies only - Changing Personalities within a man
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3 May 2014 10:03

why are you temperamental at times??

6 May 2014 11:55

I become temperamental at times when my guy does not give me the attention that i need and even some times refuse coming home early after work. How then do i change him? Hmmmm, fighting him wil worsen the case since he might even not come home at all, so i dont, but rather tries to do my part as a woman, by pampering him like a kid since men want to be pampered just as women also do the same and as time goes on he himself wil feel guilty of doing that to an innocent woman who never fought him even when caught in the act of sexing another woman and might think maybe u are trying to leave him so why dont he change

6 May 2014 20:16

Leave the man he doesnt appreciate who you are period? On my part i have someone who is wonderful and loving.