International forum: Romance & Friendship - What is the most foolest thing the Two lovers Romeo and Juliet had done?
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17 May 2016 00:40

If you know the story of Romeo and Juliet, two lovers in the fairy tale stories, what do you think is the most craziest thing they'd done?

17 May 2016 14:15

Romeo & Juliet got married within 24 hrs. The two barely knew each other for a day. Their love for one another was not TRUE but based on lust.

17 May 2016 18:47

Romeo ohhRomeo till DEATH do as part romeo and juliet never did listen tht those ideas of killing them selves r just a trick of the devil they keep a promise on weak ground and never understood tht the magic OF LOVE last only when u r breathing and moving and they ended and be fooled by death soo why hv theyv done those things coz everything tht stands just for a lie can end up unto a decisive dicisisions life is love tht needs to be flurish w/truth and contentment of what love could bring true LOVE exist in ur HEARTBEAT not unto dicievement of ur fears and doubts. ..

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17 May 2016 18:55

Its imaginary story not a true and original story but its really nice and beautiful story

17 May 2016 19:11

Portraying the true essence of love...

22 Jul 2016 09:49

I've ever heard that before Romeo had a relationship with Juliet, he was with a girl named Rosalina.
Oh Romeo, if only you still with Rosalina and didnt go to Juliet, you wouldnt die like that