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3 May 2014 07:17

Every person has their own story in heartaces. Share yours!
The most hateful feeling is to betrayed by someone you choose to love...... So many jerks, cassonova, womanizers, and a player..... The question is if you fall for this kind of people are you willing to take a risk.... Even theres no assurance that he/she serious on you or your just a part of his/her peace of chess..... Are you willing to gumble your own feelings even its killing you in the end....

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6 May 2014 13:00

My heartache x the day i wil never forget in my life. I and my ex guy stayed for some time when he made said to me that baby, pls i want further my education for the benefit of us and our future kids whn we get married so pls help me, i never gave him a death ears,through the help of my parents though they first didnt like the idea,but i talked with them to help bcos to me we both loved ourselves. Lol and behold he completed successfully and my dad helped him in getting one of the biggest bank to work with. We were happily together planing for our marriage to take place when suddenly his manners and every thing towards me changed to my understanding when he was promoted i used to see a lady I know as the daughtr of a minister with him but whenever i ask wat was inbetween them he wud lie, that she is one of their best client. His sister called me to meet her which when i went she was with the auntie, they asked if am aware that my guy was going to get married soon and gave me an invitation card to prove since i didnt believed it,and asked me not to mention their names as the gossips. eeii,wat a shock, i cried and nearly killed myself, He came home later before the wedding to ask of my forgiveness and also pleaded with my parents that he is going to pay us in exta for what we spent on him through his education but my parents never took it,according to him the lady got pregnant along the way of dating her So we should forgive him for disappointing and embarassing us. My parents told me to chear up and be happy to God irrespective of what has happened,since then the song it is wel with my soul has being my sort of comforter and happiness and have atleast learned a lesson through my past experience

6 May 2014 17:19

Wooh... Babynash.... Im so sorry to hear that you know what i admire you instead i dont pity you.... You know why?? Because you have a good heart and very brave to face all the fact intead.... I know its not that easy to just move on but i know you can... Just think on the brighter side... You have family which i think they love you so much..... Mybe god has a bigger plan to you and someone destined to you.... A better one... ^____^