International forum: Romance & Friendship - If love is blind....then why is there love at first sight...?
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16 Jan 2014 04:10


16 Jan 2014 12:59
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16 Jan 2014 13:00
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16 Jan 2014 14:06

It means that the very first time you see someone, that you see in your mind everything that makes the ideal romantic partner and everything from that moment on clicks in compatibility and mutual attraction.
That is a lot of wordage, however, we have certain inate characteristics in our minds about what makes an attractive and desireable person. And those characteristics are not restricted to race, hair color or body features, there is something we subconsciously identify as desireable in a reproductive sense whether we realize it or not.
When we see "everything" that we would really characterize as our ideally desired traits in a person we want to love, then we go for them, and that applies to love at first sight.

16 Jan 2014 14:50

There is no blind in love its heart feels..

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23 Jan 2014 22:47

love wasnt blind.. sumtyms it just happen that when we love sum1, we chose nOt to see their weaknesses. heart wins over mind.

24 Jan 2014 00:18

love isnt blind. its the lovers who refuse to see the truth because their judgment is clouded with their feelings for dat certain someone

24 Jan 2014 21:18

love at first sight to me is you falling for his physical looks and when you finally know his/her personality....its too were blind

2 Apr 2014 20:35

there isn't blind in love..infact they see all what's really happening they just cant accept d fact that their love slowly fading away.
love at 1st sight? i dnt blv int that...crush at first sight maybe.

8 Sep 2014 16:05

Quote by SophieKrishna
love isnt blind. its the lovers who refuse to see the truth because their judgment is clouded with their feelings for dat certain someone :)

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8 Sep 2014 17:23

So....if there is ....certain love at first sight then how come.... you love someone ....that you never seen...... anyone knows the answer .....bibigyan ko piso dali

8 Sep 2014 18:42
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16 Sep 2014 09:30

True lovers both give and receive trust. Although trusting can be scary, it is only by opening yourself up to love and thus by letting yourself become vulnerable and trusting that the other person will not hurt you that you truly discover the beauty in letting another person into your inner world. It's a feeling that lets you close your eyes and know that someone believes in you and will catch you when you fall. In other words, trusting fully allows you to fully feel love.

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16 Sep 2014 10:11

Yes love is blind.
My auntie love my uncle although he is blind physically hehe

16 Sep 2014 10:37

Is blind indeed. Pple fall in love with ones who don't love them. Instead of the real lovers thy refused. The first sight r pretenders 2 me there goal. We r in the world whre weeds n wheat r growing 2 gether

16 Sep 2014 14:02

9c prob love is blind

16 Sep 2014 14:16

I Just know That Love is blind We can do anything in love

16 Sep 2014 14:19

Yes agree love is blind

16 Sep 2014 14:54
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