International forum: Business - palm oil processing machine introduction
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22 Apr 2016 06:14

Palm oil pressing machine technology is different form ther type of oil pressing equipment.Palm oil pressing machine adopts physical palm oil extraction process to get crude palm oil from palm fruits. With more than 26 years edible oil processing technology, palm oil pressing machine has obvious features of mature and complete oil press, rational design etc.
Different from other type of oil pressing equipment, palm oil press machine users the waste palm kernel and other fibers as fuel. In addition, the near water recourse plant design has greatly saved money spent on water and energy consumption as well as reduces environmental pollution. The scientific design of palm oil processing plant realizes self-supply production mode in crude palm oil making work. According to actual condition of raw material, palm oil processing machine project mainly contains oil pressing station, water pretreatment section and power supply section etc. If you are interested in palm oil processing project, please try to contact us via email
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