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16 Apr 2016 11:48

When you love some one, he or she will love you it true?

18 Apr 2016 11:33

When true

18 Apr 2016 12:02


18 Apr 2016 12:52

What is the question

18 Apr 2016 13:17

Really yes. One-sided love absent

18 Apr 2016 14:03

Quote by Zeshan20
When you love some one, he or she will love you it true?

not all time but oftenly

18 Apr 2016 14:09
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18 Apr 2016 14:28

its for you to ask your bf or gf .....true or false

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18 Apr 2016 14:48

its not sure that when u love some one and they love u back that u must know about her or his feeling

18 Apr 2016 15:02

Yes Afcourse

18 Apr 2016 15:44

I don't thing so, in a rare case itz possible reciprocity love in the same level is impossible, but i prefer girl love boy bcoz what woman want, god want it too;

18 Apr 2016 16:56
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18 Apr 2016 20:50

Its depends on how u handle the person during dating but if u see the person does not love you, then u quit

18 Apr 2016 22:07

I love... And she submits... Not loving back!

19 Apr 2016 05:01

Quote by Elizabeth_05
Even if you give ur 100% to someone..never expect that you will get same in return...dont expect too much for it may disappoint you :-/


Agree with u dear

19 Apr 2016 05:04

u are lucky wen the apple of ur eyes feels the same way too..

dont expect that wen u love someone he/she will love u back instantly..

its a matter of mutual understandings and feelings..