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5 Apr 2016 18:16

What can you tell us about the world of today, positively and negatively?

9 Apr 2016 02:49

Zaltenay'll Become President Of Cameroon's Republic In 2035

10 Apr 2016 08:34

acording to me nowadays nothing go well, i have done 3 hours to think and find something which go well negative, this world has lost a spiritual and moral repert,

by manglang nestor

Edited by manglangnestor0 / 10 Apr 2016 08:35
10 Apr 2016 10:31

I will be very happy for you Zaltenay ! I will be Prime Minister of Cameroon !

10 Apr 2016 11:59

zalt you are are ....y paturo you too.but good luck