International forum: Romance & Friendship - How Do You Confess Your Crush/Love one's If Are A "TORPE"
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2 May 2014 05:44

The word *torpe* is usedy to describe young men who don't know how to approach the girls they like. Sometimes even an attractive man who is confident in other aspects of his life can be seen as *torpe*when it comes to girls.

2 May 2014 15:17
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2 May 2014 15:29

I don't know either...

2 May 2014 15:30

Because I don't deserved to be in love..

2 May 2014 18:44
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3 May 2014 08:30

4 May 2014 04:44

When I will be with her, I will wear shades. Not only will it make me look cool like Johnny Bravo, she wouldn’t notice my eyes going from here to there, left to right, up and down while I grasp for suave words when talking to her.

4 May 2014 04:48

I won’t get too close. I won’t come too near her she’d hear my heart pounding. She might even get sprayed with my saliva with my stuttering out of nervousness. I will keep a comfortable distance between the two of us.

4 May 2014 04:51

I will bring her to a nice place, so nice she wouldn’t have to look at me. Better if there’s loud music so she wouldn’t have to hear me, or if there’s a tour guide so she wouldn’t have to listen or talk to me. That will save me from the painful formulating of suave words to sway her. It will save my braincells as well.

4 May 2014 10:48

Am unable to look at his face when talking with him,and i sum times become timid when we are together and want to give him my best attention even when he cals some one for help on sum thing,i will insist on doing it for him

4 May 2014 18:43

Quote by Lost in love
Sry, what is torpe? Sira toktok?

ak0y nat02rpe sau sa angkin m0ng ganda,sa tuwing nakikita kita kinakabahan aq sinta...
daming umaaligid sau,pinag aagawan kapa pababayaan q na lang cla pagkat ang balak k0y haranahin ka
kanta ng torpe na may balak

5 May 2014 18:14

well, wat all most ov us shud kno, is different pipo percieve love issues differently rite from texting, seeing, smiling then tokin... Infct nothing is new, coz everyone knowz dat wen a guy stops ha, its..... Sso guyz, ladies its all abt instincts, once accepted prove it out. Nix tym. Palz

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6 May 2014 19:22

Nah u just gotta be urself and go for it worst that can happen is they say no and u'll never know unless u try

6 May 2014 20:12
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