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10 Mar 2016 07:37

Why Trust Is More Important Than Love ?

10 Mar 2016 09:39

Love and trust should go together.

10 Mar 2016 09:42


10 Mar 2016 09:44

Quote by Syful-islma
Why Trust Is More Important Than Love ?


These are two things go hand in hand, as
without trust love quickly die

10 Mar 2016 09:48


10 Mar 2016 09:54

Its a 2 side of coin without tryst no love
With out love no trust

10 Mar 2016 10:07

Yeah its important ...

10 Mar 2016 12:02

trust is more important.cuz u cannot luv d person u trust but u can trust d person u luv.

10 Mar 2016 13:16

yes. because, trust is love

11 Mar 2016 01:08
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11 Mar 2016 04:53

Quote by xXxsUpEr_GlrLxXx
:yes TRUST is da main rOle in a true love relatiOndhip

11 Mar 2016 10:17


11 Mar 2016 14:12

Without trust love is empty. Trust more important my bro

12 Mar 2016 10:17

Quote by PraiseChikopa
Love and trust should go together.

yes i agree with you good afternoon

13 Oct 2016 00:39

Because TRUST is the action of love.

Anybody is able to say love but only few who can trust their beloved one 'wander around' without breaking your heart.

You can fall in love in the first sight within second but it takes hours, days, or months to build TRUST. That's why trusting people is hard and more important.