International forum: Religion - The Ten Commandments in the Bible still Observed by religions or become doomed to the Fanatics?
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30 Apr 2014 07:39

The First commandment of God in the Book of Exodus Chapter 20:1-15
Thou shalt love thy God with all thine heart, with all thine strength, with all thy mind.. is this really observed or just nothing to them.?
How about the Second commandments of God? " Thou shalt not make any graven "Images under in heaven, beneath the sea, under the earth, do it also still Observed? or they don't care about the Ten Commandments of God?

30 Apr 2014 09:53

r0man cath0lic d0nt 0bey 2nd c0mmandments..they w0rshps saints,images and 0ther id0ls..they d0nt understand ds...
jesus said i am d way,d truth and d life..n0 1 c0mes to d father except through by me..
its very clear..jesus d only way..why they made it through mary or pope or saints? i dnt understand..matîtigas ulo at puso nila

30 Apr 2014 11:00

What sect ka?

30 Apr 2014 13:25

they simply called us BORN AGAIN but i humbly called myself and others as christian..i am christian.

1 May 2014 14:17

the ten commandment is doomed to the fanatics by humans, b'cos we dont walk on His teachings and for dat matter we do wat He says we shdnt do. 1. He, said al hve sinned and fall short against the glory of God. 2. He said, whoever dat has not sinned shd be the first to cast a stone on the prostitute, but there was none, humans i wil say love wealth more than de word of God. Hmmmm, why? The answer is let's look at the story of lot, no one was to look bck since sordom And gomorriah was bng destroying but she remembering her silvers and jewelleries turned bck and became a pillar of salt, let again look at the rich man who did obeyed all the commandment, but needed salvation, he was asked by Jesus to give al he had to the needy and poor but he didnt. So u c, he loved wealth more than God. Wat is happening in the world now father's impregnating their own daughter's, nations fighting one another, false prophets every where, small girls being into Prostitutions, rape cases here and there, people killing humans for money rituals. Al these are against His commandment just as Adam and Eve disobeyed Him and ate of de forbidding fruit in the garden of Eden. We as christians shd be born again and pray to Jesus fr salvation and internal life

1 May 2014 14:22

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1 May 2014 14:22


5 May 2014 18:35

I go with Babynash's view, infct the ten comm. were jst like rules of law dat God gave the Israelites through, bt after a period of tym God realizes dat the Israelites Have gone astry,The bible tells us that he tried to use different prohets now not tablets of stones.Bt it all failed and becoz ov da lov dat He had He sent his son for u and me, and med a vow "Whosoever belives in him will die bt ve evalastin life." Be Born Again and begin a new life. Thnx